Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nothing but the bare bones to bring them in

          Drove over 300 miles on dirt roads with the windows down and the music on. During one stretch I could smell something that wasn't right. I pushed it into reverse and found a dead moose calf on the side of the road. It was mostly bones and closeness to the road on such a remote section suggest that it was probably poached. The smell was so bad that I didn't have time to examine for cut or saw marks, I wish I had found it sooner when there was more of it left. Never the less, I could hardly drag what was left of the moose 20 feet into the woods, and it smell bad. The muck boots had to spend the next three months in the bed of the truck after this one. 
           I happened to have two cameras on hand and put them both out. I didn't have new batteries or rope to tie them up so I had to wing it and hope for the best. I checked the cameras a little over a month later and found both cameras working perfectly. 500 pictures later I was a happy man. 
           The first 100 were of the robin picking insects off the carcass. It shows the sometimes overlooked but significant role that animals play in their passing. The amount of insects (moths) can be seen in the second and third pictures.This old coyote had stopped by to check out the smells. He didn't eat or stay for long, but allowed for a few good pictures. He was the last visitor before I picked up the cameras. More pictures to come.

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