Friday, October 19, 2012

       I'd like to post a link to a blog with some good info and great wildlife photographs. Zach Dautrich has given me a true interest in birds and is the reason why I often pull the car off the road and grab the binoculars. He is extremely knowledgeable and regularly updates his blog. Click HERE to view his recent posts and read about some of his inspiring work.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The West is bigger...

         Things are just bigger out west, or at least it seemed that way in Wyoming. It's a different type of landscape from New England, one that's often open enough to easily watch wildlife from the road. In the early hours of the morning, dozens of mule deer in bachelor groups devoured everything in their path. I couldn't guess the score of antlers, but it was clear that we saw some huge bucks, maybe even record breakers.
           Holding true to crepuscular activity (animals that are active primarily during twilight), we often saw these deer on the side of the road between 4-6am. The high beams would inevitably flash across the field and in the distance the glint of eyes from a lifting head covered in a dark velvet crown. This photo was a decent buck that we often saw on the drive to work. There were a few much larger bucks that I would have loved to chase around. Photographed the first week in July, this guy had a long way to go.