Sunday, June 8, 2014

N.H. Winter Coyote

        A winter coyote looking for food during the 2014 winter in Success N.H. Despite the bad press some people give them, in my mind the eastern coyote (coywolf) is one of the most amazing and respectable animals-and one of the hardest to photograph. When it comes to being successful and filling a void in the eastern U.S.-they certainly take the cake.
      This set of pictures is only a few of many, but the coyote has that look in his eye-a wild look I would expect to see if I curled up on the open ground in nothing but a sleeping bag but had that nagging sensation like I was being watched. Poking my head out I can imagine seeing this face staring to me that is questioning the difference between a threat and a potential meal. Lucky for me, the camera I built was designed for a long deployment. Set on September 22nd 2013, it was still taking pictures on June 4th 2014 when I checked it.