Monday, July 23, 2012

A coyote walking away from the camera paused to smell a scat that another Canid left. Canid's often seem to be interested in other Canid sign-seemingly to ignore scent left from Felid's or other animals. Sometimes natural scent works the best, but it's all just one big experiment in the end. I placed a collection of different scats in front of the camera to what would interest the local wildlife. This picture was taken in Wyoming, with many, many more to come.


  1. How big is this coyote? Height/weight? Are they similar to the ones we have in NH?
    More pictures please!

  2. This was the only coyote picture at this site before he/she took off. This coyote is similar to the eastern coyote but it isn't nearly as big as the ones we have on the east coast, and the camera was placed low to the ground which makes the animal look bigger. The western Coyote is ~half the size of the eastern coyote. A good estimate would put this one in at around 20-30 pounds and roughly 30 inches long (excluding the tail). In the east the coyotes have partially filled the gap left by the absence of wolves, taking on many wolf like characteristics such as an increase in body size, hunting in packs, etc. An interesting fact (contrary to most beliefs)is that coyotes are one of the biggest frugivores on the east coast, which means that the majority of their diet consists of fruits and berries. I'll post a few more pictures up tonight...lots of camera to check!