Monday, July 8, 2019

Coyote Pups at Den

         While checking cameras at a coyote den site I noticed two pups crawling around outside the den. I took this video on my phone before quickly redeploying a number of cameras at this site. I haven’t posted any of the footage and will probably post very limited screen shots or short videos, but the footage has been spectacular.

        I’ve seen some truly unique and intimate behavior between the parents, pups, and the pups from last year. I  watched every coyote documentary I could find and scoured the internet and never seen behavior like this. I learned a lot of lessons for next year too. My biggest problem is keeping up with viewing and cataloguing all the footage. I’m filming about 15GB of footage a day (total) on 25 different cameras so every few weeks it takes 30-40 hours to get through all the footage.

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